Hello there, I’m Vicky and I’m also known as Kyky. I’m a mother of two beautiful children, Nathaniel and Lily.

I love my children more than anything in this world. Due to a rare generic condition, I’ve lost my son shortly after his birth. This unfortunate event as permanently scared me and as a result, I’ve lost part of myself. Life will never be the same and I’ll never be the same but I’ve chosen to rebuild myself with whatever was left. Who knows? I might end up being a better 2.0 version.

But in the meantime I can say that I have an amazing husband, and a gentle dog as a pet. I enjoy food. Precisely bread, we can say it’s my kryptonite. I’m surrounded by my amazing family and friends. I am a Christian and believe one day I’ll be reunited with my son again. This conviction is what keeps me going.